Vacuum unit

Hydrovac-SH2000 vacuum units use two techniques to remove water from oil, vacuum drying and degassing.

Proven and patented technology

With proven and patented technology, it removes 100% free water, emulsions, gases and more than 90% of bound water.

By minimizing water and gas pollution, a series of problems in hydraulic systems can be reduced or completely eliminated. Together with dirt, water is one of the biggest causes of problems in hydraulics. Generally, a doubled water content in the hydraulic oil can halve the life of components in the systems. Water in the oil can cause serious machine disruptions as it speeds up the breakdown of additives and increases the risk of corrosion on sensitive components, which in turn leads to costly production stoppages and / or degraded quality of manufactured products.

Maximum water withdrawal without destroying the physical properties of the oil.

Hydrovac-SH2000 is an external dewatering unit where contaminated oil together with air is collected in a vacuum chamber and heated to about 50 ° C. This is an ideal solution as water at this temperature evaporates under vacuum. For most hydraulic and lubricating oils, this enables maximum water withdrawal without destroying the physical properties of the oil.

Temperature and flow are adjustable to meet the individual needs that may arise. By subjecting the water-contaminated oil to heat under vacuum, the water and gas are converted to saturated steam. The steam leaves the chamber at the top, cools and condenses. The purified oil remains at the bottom and is pumped back into the system.

Compact and standalone

Hydrovac-SH2000 is designed for use in hydraulic and lubrication systems where water penetration is a constant or regular problem. It is a compact standalone unit that can handle all oils with viscosities from 3-700 cSt (at 40 ° C) as it has an adjustable flow rate of 100-600 l / h.

The unit is equipped with wheels for easy moving around and connected to any existing unit, or for a permanent installation.

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