Smart Gluer

Smart Gluer is a world patent-pending invention developed by Matfors Hydraulservice AB in close collaboration with the pulp industry.

Bale without thread

A revolutionary ball sizing machine that, in comparison with the thread machines previously used, will bring major environmental and work environment improvements.

The process-critical and work-related risk that the wiring entails is completely eliminated, as no risk of whipping can occur. Nor does the mills risk getting harmful metal into the process.

Instead of tying the pulp bales together with steel wire, Smartgluer glue them together with an environmentally friendly glue. The adhesive is water-soluble and therefore does not affect the quality of the pulp.

Smart Gluer in production

By using Smart Gluer as a packaging method, several savings are made. Maintenance costs are considerably lower than for a wire binding machine and the handling of pulp bales becomes more efficient as Smart Gluer does not use any steel wire. The cost of the glue corresponds to only about 1/8 of the thread cost.

Smart Gluer is a strong competitor because the pulp industry with this solution does not have to invest in expensive drainage machines. This minimizes the risk of accidents and loss of production caused by contamination in the pulp.

Developed for mass packaging

The Smart Gluer glue machine is developed for pulp packaging and tested for several years at Östrand’s pulp mill outside Sundsvall. At the bottom, Smart Gluer is a folding machine that uses six nozzles to apply glue to the pulp bale with compressed air. This together with a drying station is a compact solution that can be installed in most existing packaging lines. The environmentally friendly adhesive is water-soluble and thus does not affect the continued process.

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