Matfors Hydraulservice AB’s unique solution has been cleaning transformer oils in operation since 1998.

Traffocleener is a complete mobile cleaning solution

Pollutants, water and gases are undesirable substances in the insulating oil of transformers, which over time jeopardize the operational safety of the transformer.

Trafocleener is a complete mobile cleaning solution based on KLEENTEK’s proven ELC. Combined with a dehumidifier, harmful gases, oxidations, particles and water are effectively removed from the insulator oil.

With Trafokleener, problems with diffusion barrier are easily prevented, which can otherwise occur when the oil’s oxidation products are collected in the copper wire’s cellulose insulation. The diffusion barrier prevents moisture and gases contained in the cellulose from penetrating, this drastically speeds up the aging rate of the insulation, which in the long run can lead to serious operational disruptions.

Increased operational reliability for producers, electricity suppliers and customers.

The ultimate goal of using Trafokleener is not to purify the oil itself, but to indirectly provide increased reliability for producers, electricity suppliers and customers through pure oil.

  • Increased service life – the oil’s and thus the plant’s aging rate drastically decreases
  • Lower operating temperature – increases efficiency
  • Increased reliability – costly downtime reduces
  • Higher efficiency – transformer load capacity increases higher load capacity
  • Better environment – the need for oil changes is significantly reduced

Fewer oil changes and longer service life

In most industries there are high environmental requirements. Dry and clean oil is an important parameter for long service life. Matfors Hydraulservice AB is an experienced supplier of products that contributes to a cleaner system with fewer oil changes. Increased service life contributes to a more reliable system that feeds fewer oil changes and lower repair costs.

Matfors Hydraulservice AB’s goal since 1980 has been to offer the industry environmentally friendly oil purification services that increase reliability.

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