Electrostatic oil cleaner

Our solid experience together with the best electrostatic cleaning technology has made us an obvious supplier for some of Scandinavia’s most reliable industries.

Extend the machine life

Electrostatic Oil Cleaners (ELCs) remove contaminants such as oil oxidation products to below micro levels and also remove deposits from system intrinsic such as oil reservoirs and pipelines.

Electrostatic oil cleaners remove all types of contaminants including resins and oxidation products. Many of our customers have reduced their downtime and service costs by more than 75% by keeping the oil clean with this method.


  • Increased availability
  • Higher product quality
  • Better working environment
  • Reduced oil leakage
  • Fewer filter changes
  • Lower handling costs

Our oil cleaners

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Spark formation in oil systems

Relatively new research results describe the risk of spark failure in oil systems and its consequences. When a non-electrically conductive liquid (eg oil) is pushed through a filter membrane (eg glass fiber or cellulose), there is a great risk of separating electrons, ie the generation of static electricity. This means that the filter is charged with a potential and the oil with the opposite.

Various parameters such as filter fineness, flow, viscosity etc. affect the charging potential and the charging time. In practice, it has been found that fine filters are almost always charged to the potential that spark discharges occur in both filters and oil tanks. However, few have observed the effects and you do not notice anything from the “outside” as all systems are in practice grounded. To show what is happening, we have isolated a filter with filter housing and grounded this via a “spark gap”.

By staying so close to nature, the will to protect it is strengthened.

Many of the goods and services we provide help our customers improve their environment. We always strive to cooperate with customers.

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